Access Policy for Park Place Apartments

The owners and managers of Park Place Apartments are committed to ensuring and working towards making the apartments Universal Accessible to all guests and employees in their facilities, products, services and IT.
All our senior management have been trained on disability awareness, diversity and inclusion training. This training will be continuous every year and we have also commenced training with our operations staff. We have completed audits and action plans for all our hotels and we are currently completing access guides for all our facilities and services. We are also making a commitment that all future capital investment for new and refurbishment projects will incorporate Universal Design. We have committed and signed up our apartments to the World Tourism For All Program. Park Place Apartments commits to ensure that all employees and visitors are treated equally and in accordance with their individual needs and with the highest quality of service.    

Our Commitment: 

  1. Recognition of equal rights: We recognise that all people have the right to equal employment and all guests have the right to enjoy all services in tourism equally, regardless of age, size, ability or disability. We work to promote this right in all our activities.
  1. Personal attention: We welcome all customers and make it our priority to meet their individual needs.
  1. Human Resources: We are equal opportunity employers and are committed to employing a diverse and inclusive team of employees across our group to deliver high quality accessible services. We are also committed to on-going disability awareness training for all employees as an inclusive employer.
  1. Removing and Preventing Access Barriers: We are committed to ongoing audits and the results from the action plans will be used for continuous improvements to our infrastructure, products, services and information, using a ‘design-for-all’ approach, in order to remove or minimise access barriers and contribute to sustainable and accessible tourism for all.
  1. Staff Training:  We are committed to continual staff training which takes into account respect for human diversity and disability awareness, ensuring that all customers are welcome and can enjoy our hotel services based on their individual needs.
  1. Monitoring: Our organisation ensures that customer services are monitored and access for all is a key pillar in delivering the highest quality of service to all our guests needs.
  1. Information: We are committed to designing our websites to international best practice in accessibility standards and ensuring that information is available in an accessible format on request.
  1. Procurement from our suppliers: We are committed to ensuring that the procurement of goods and services address accessibility and universal design from all our suppliers.
  1. Complaints handling and feed back: Our Group has a complaints and feedback procedure available to customers so that they may report on any area of our business that will improve accessibility for all, which will be used to deliver a continuous program of improvement within the group.
  1. Management Responsibility: Universal Access for all staff and visitors is part of our business culture. Our management team includes accessibility on all team and department meetings as part of our continuous commitment to being an inclusive employer and service provider for all.


This policy and our action plan will form the guiding principles of the company’s commitment to Accessibility and inclusion for all at Park Place Apartments.

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