'Here for You' at Park Place Apartments

We look forward to welcoming all essential travellers during these level 5 restrictions  and we will  re-open to all other guests on December 1st 2020.  We know that you will have heightened concerns regarding hygiene during your stay with us and trust in cleanliness standards will be critical to you in choosing to stay with us.

With that in mind, we have created a programme that will focus on the highest standards of cleanliness and social distancing throughout the entire property. In these unprecedented times, your – and our team’s – safety is our highest priority.     

The success of the Worlwide battle against Covid-19 was and still is, dependant on all of us working together as a community. This is just as relevant during your stay at Park Place. You are a vital component in ensuring continued success and we need your commitment to maintaining the following established Covid-19 public health practices and our operational plan: 

  • Use sanitising stations and wash hands regularly
  • Observe social distancing with other guests and staff
  • Parents must supervise and remain present with children at all times 
  • We will take payment prior to arrival, where possible  
  • Please continue to observe the recommendation of the HSE as has been advised by the government since the onset of the Coronavirus
  • And if you feel ill, please do not enter Park Place Apartments 

Unfortunately, failure to co-operate will leave us with no other option but to ask you to vacate the premises in the interests of public health. Please understand that this for YOUR safety as much as our staff and other guests and to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience with us at Park Place.  

And so, we have outlined below the new measures put in place as part of our 'Here for You' Covid-19 plan that will help to keep all of us safe. This outlines the procedures that underpin our commitment to you and the terms & conditions that we expect of you during your stay with us.  

If you have any queries that are not answered below, please contact us on info@parkplacekillarney.com 

We look forward to welcoming you to Park Place Apartments and we appreciate your custom and collaboration.  

General Cleaning Policy  

  • Ongoing sanitisation of all public areas throughout the day – you will see more of our Dedicated Hygiene Team. They will be present in public areas much of the day. Their mission will be to sanitise and make safe known “hotspots” such as door handles, handrails and counter spaces amongst others.  Please always co-operate with them.
  • We work in partnership with a very well respected and established local company Easy Clean. We have re-written our cleaning protocols to translate the best practices in HSE and Failte Ireland standards to our apartments, public areas and staff areas.
  • We will be working to ventilate the property so you may see more windows open throughout to keep air circulating and fresh.  
  • HSE and Fáilte Ireland experts continue to advise us on new technologies and approaches, assist in training development and create a rigorous quality assurance program. This expert advice and assistance helps us to build upon the already high standards of housekeeping and hygiene in Park Place Apartments and to ensure that the protocols are not only satisfactory but surpass expectations to ensure the health and safety of all our guests and staff.
  • Sanitising stations to be located at numerous locations around the property. You are asked to avail of them. 
  • Use of the lifts is restricted to one group at a time. Please ensure that you allow exiting guests adequete before entering the lift.


Staff Training 

  • All staff have their temperature checked on arrival at work and any team members recording abnormal temperatures will be asked to stay home.  
  • Team members to change into uniform in the hotel and undertake our sanitisation procedure before entering their work zone.
  • We have provided designated areas for staff to prepare for work and adhere to sanitation procedures.
  • Social distancing to apply to staff where breaks are staggered and workspaces spread out to a 2m distance.
  • Our staff have undergone training through Kerry County council's 'Return to Work' hospilality programme.
  • Team members will be provided with personal protective equipment appropriate to their area of work.  

Arrival/Check In

Where possible we will request pre-payment prior to arrival to ensure mimimal time spent at the check-in desk.

  • At reception, all guests must use hand sanitizer provided in the sanitisation stations inside the front door and at the front desk and please observe social distancing of 2 metres.  
  • At check in you will not need to touch anything other than the pin-pad and your key card wallet.  Pre-authorisation will be done on your credit card for your stay, you will have to use the pin-pad to enter your pin, this will have been sanitized before your use and again after you use it.  
  • Please ensure that you follow the instructions of our reception team and observe social distancing rules.
  • Follow the designated markings and queuing signage at arrival and for any queries at our reception desk.
  • We will be in touch prior to arrival and arrange an approximate check-in time. We appreciate ypur co-operation as we attempt to minimise the possibility of multiple arrivals at the same time.
  • We ask that only one member of a party come to reception to check-in. This will minimise the possibility of congregation.
  • You will be brought to your apartment by a member of our reception team. Your guest registration card will be waiting in the apartment. We ask that you complete it and return to us.

The process is now complete and you are free to enjoy your comfortable and safe stay with us.

Your self catering Apartment

  • Careful consideration has been given to the preparation and presentation of your apartment and you might find somethings different. For example, we may no longer offer pencils or notepads, bed throws and cushions have been removed and the tv remote is sealed and sanitised at each clean.
  • Our deep clean of “High Touch Areas” will include extra disinfecting of the most frequently touched guests room areas such as light switches, door handles, toilet flusher, taps, intercom and more.
  • Staff will change into a new set of PPE before entering each room to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • When an apartment is vacated after a stay, all material will be removed and cleaned (even if unused), including bed linen, towels, bathmats, and all amenities such glasses, coasters will be cleaned or washed etc. 
  • All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected and left so that the agents have time to work. They will then be cleaned down again paying attention to the high touchpoints.  
  • Our deep clean process will include washing down all tiles, grouting, as well as hoovering and washing all floors.  
  • The apartment will be ventilated for several hours before the next arrival. This may result in some delays but this is necessary to ensure correct sanitisation.
  • When the supervisor/ manager checks the room, (s)he will re-sanitise all high touch points again while doing so to ensure “double sanitisation”.
  • Finally, the supervisor will seal the apartment door and 'sign off' when it was cleaned. This apartment will then not be entered again until your arrival.

Checking out/ Departure

  • We will again stagger departure times to minimise congregation in reception.
  • We appreciate your co-operation in this matter and ask that you asssit us in timely departure. 




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